Meet the Team
  • philip
    Philip Booth CFP Director & Personal Financial Planner

    As well as a natural affinity for strategic financial planning, Philip is the sort of person who takes it on his own shoulders to do everything possible to guide clients to where they want to be lifestyle wise.

    Philip joined the company in 2002. He is a certified financial planner and a member of the Personal Finance Society, the leading professional body for the UK financial planning profession whose mission is to raise professional standards.

    As a certified financial planner, Philip works closely with clients to review all their options, so they can make informed decisions about the future they really want. Working with Philip can be a refreshing experience, as you’ll find yourself pushed to assess your financial situation in realistic terms. If all of this sounds a little daunting, it needn’t. Philip is one of those people you feel instantly comfortable with, and he has a way of making everything seem effortless too.

  • Marion
    Marion Carter PA / Office Manager

    You won’t find anyone disagree with the notion that Marion steers the Booth ship. For 25 years she’s been everyone’s first port of call, and will always know – in precision fashion – the current situation with every matter.

    If you’re a new client or contact then it won’t take long for you to warm to this familiar, friendly voice on the end of the phone whenever you need anything. And you’ll soon get to know that Marion’s the one who makes sure your favourite biscuits are served with the coffee when you pop in for a chat.

  • Richard
    Richard McGee Para Planner

    Richard has been with Booth Financial Planning for eight years. He’s our crucial, organised mind behind all the paperwork that is a necessary part of what we do. But more than this, he’s the research leading light who puts our financial plans into practice.

    Once you’ve delivered your life story to Philip, the two consult together to come up with just the right options, and the best ways of structuring them, so that you can meet your lifestyle dreams in your ideal timescale.