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Where your clients’ needs and aspirations come first.

With your clients’ needs, dreams and aspirations at the core of what we do, you’ll always have that all-important reassurance that they are in the best of hands when it comes to getting them to where they want to be financially.

At Booth Financial Planning we’ve worked side by side with fellow professionals ever since the business was established 30 years ago. Our relationships, both with our partners, and with our clients, are refreshingly enduring.

And this is absolutely vital in what we do, because as lifestyle financial planners, we have to be there for the long term. Life has a habit of changing, and we need to keep things on track for our clients: make sure their plans stay watertight, and continue to give them the lifestyles they dreamed of when they first came to us.

There are lots of scenarios in which we might be able to assist your clients and we’ve talked about these in our About You section. And in our About Us section, we’ve set out our process, so you can see how we work.

Your place, or ours?

If you have a client who you feel could draw value from our service, then we’d be delighted to get together for an initial chat – with your client – and, of course, with you too. Your place or ours, it’s up to you.

In the meantime, we’ve put a little information together below just for you that we hope you find useful.

  • Client focused
  • Easy to talk to
  • Lifetime partnerships
  • Innovative planning
  • Importance of integrity
  • Established three decades
  • Our service starts with a very important process: finding out what drives and motivates the client. What do they really want to do? How can we make that possible? Help them make sure their money never runs out? Get them to where they want to be in a shorter timeframe? Give them clarity on their financial situation and reassurance that their families are financially secure, whatever happens? Our aim is to create peace of mind, financial security and the achievement of aspirational goals.

  • Because we embrace and invest in new technology, we are able to deliver an all-embracing financial plan around a client’s unique goals and aspirations. In-depth knowledge and decades of experience paired with innovative financial planning tools allow us to create a sophisticated, highly comprehensive financial plan tailored specifically to what the client wishes to achieve.

  • We’re not here to sell financial products: that’s not what lifetime financial planning is all about. What we will do is take a good look at where a client is now then we’ll see whether there is scope to reach their goals and aspirations, in the timescale they want. The whole process of getting to know their unique story is the most important part. Only then can we make recommendations that will benefit them in a tailored way.

  • Your client may have reached a point in their life where they want to stop worrying whether they have enough money to live the life they want. Maybe they want to achieve financial security, or be sure they can maintain their current lifestyle. They may be longing to retire and wondering if they can get there faster. Or perhaps they have already retired and want to get a clear head on their financial situation so they can relax, treat their family and plan a brighter future for them too, without having to worry about inheritance tax. On the other hand, it could be they have a vision of the lifestyle they want to achieve in the next 10 or 20 years, and could use some help planning how to get there.